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Jewelry Repair


From repairing a favorite chain to refurbishing a treasured heirloom, we have not only the tools and expertise to help you out, but the passion and commitment to ensure that every repair is done with precision, elegance, and longevity in mind.


There is nothing we enjoy more than connecting with you through your stories, inspiration, and ideas, and then, creating an exceptionally crafted jewelry piece that embodies your vision.

Custom Design Necklace
Appraisal Services


We’re uniquely qualified to appraise your fine jewelry and gemstones. With an experienced, fully credentialed Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Graduate Gemologist on staff, we’re able to expertly assess and value your treasures pieces. 


Current, accurate appraisals are crucial in the unfortunate event your jewelry is ever lost, stolen or damaged – insurance companies will refer to the most recent appraisal document in settling the claim. Outdated appraisals could result in your pieces being under-valued and under-insured.  We advise updates to your appraisals every 5 years.

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