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We are more than just a jewelry store - we are a labor of love, crafted by the shared passion and dedication of husband and wife team, Steve and Marissa Turchin. Both born and raised in Michigan, their fascination with jewelry was one of the many things that brought them together in 2007. Today, as they open Turchin Jewelers in the heart of Dexter, Michigan, they are excited to be sharing their passion for unique, well-made jewelry with you

With every piece we create, we strive to capture the beauty, elegance, and emotion of life's most precious moments. Thank you for allowing us to share our passion with you and help you create lasting memories that will be treasured for years to come.

Steven Tuchin Master Goldsmith

Steven Turchin 

Master Goldsmith | Jewelry Designer

Steve first discovered metalsmithing in high school and immediately fell in love with this tactile art form that engaged not only his creativity, but his engineering sensibilities as well.  Deciding to pursue this passion, Steve embraced the time-honored tradition of artisans and spent a decade apprenticing under master goldsmiths. This training not only gave him a mastery of the art, but imbued him with traditional values of craftsmanship not often seen in today’s jewelry industry. Over the next decade, Steve continued to grow his skills and gain experience as he became the lead goldsmith in the workshops of renowned jewelry stores.


With an eye for detail and natural problem solving ingenuity, Steve is enthusiastic about all aspects of jewelry design and repair. He lives by the creed that “if a thing is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.”


A life-long learner with an innate curiosity, Steve is always exploring new interests and challenges in his spare time.  Whether woodworking, tackling automotive repairs, renovating his home, or building and launching rockets with his boys, Steve brings a sense of joy to everything he does.

Marissa Turchin Graduate Jeweler Gemologist

Marissa Turchin 

Graduate Jeweler Gemologist | Jewelry Designer 

Growing up in a family of artists and being surrounded by the natural beauty of Michigan, fostered dual passions in Marissa: a love of nature and an affinity for creativity.  These two passions were what drew Marissa to the captivating world of gemstones and jewelry design.  Attending the Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, California, she studied gemology and trained as a bench jeweler.  Over the years, Marissa gained a wealth of diverse experience working for luxury retailers, jewelry designers, and estate jewelers across the country.


Thoughtful and meticulous, Marissa is dedicated to the design process of seeing a jewelry piece through from start to finish.  She believes that jewelry is both a meaningful statement of self-expression, and a powerfully connective form of art.


In her free time, Marissa pursues her creative passions in the forms of drawing, baking, and playing the piano.  There's nothing she enjoys more than sharing her love of the natural world with her boys as they collect rocks, identify birds, and explore the trails and paths of local parks together.

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